Victorinox Swiss Classic 6-piece knife block

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This colourful Victorinox Swiss Classic 6-piece knife block is a cheerful and practical addition to any kitchen. It contains five small knives to make sure you have the right knife for every task in the kitchen. Due to the different colours you also immediately know which knife to use for which task.



  • Victorinox vegetable knife, 8 cm, orange
  • Victorinox vegetable knife 10 cm, pink
  • Victorinox serrated vegetable knife 8 cm, red
  • Victorinox serrated tomato knife, 11 cm, blue
  • Victorinox steak knife, 12 cm, green
  • Victorinox universal peeler, yellow
  • Victorinox knife block, white


Victorinox SwissClassic handle

The handle is made from polyamide. This material is light-weight and provides you with enough grip. Because of the slight curve in the handle the knives also feel great in hand.

Victorinox SwissClassic blade

The blade is made from stainless steel and razor-sharp. The combination of this type of steel and the material used for the handle ensure that this knife is dishwasher proof.

Victorinox SwissClassic

With its SwissClassic collection Victorinox offers a wide range of indispensable kitchen knives for every occasion. There are, for instance, Victorinox peeling knives, peelers, vegetable knives and pizza and steak knives in different sizes and colours. Of course all dishwasher proof and offer the price-quality ratio we have grown accustomed to from Victorinox.



630 g

Material handle


Type of steel



peeler, paring knife, undefined