Insulated Canteens

Ode to joy and the great outdoors.

Insulated Food Canisters and Food Storage Containers

Our Climate Lock™ vacuum insulated food canisters include TK Closure™ internal thread design for increased thermal performance and a newly designed bowl-shaped base. The lid locks in leakproof storage in just a quick quarter turn and features an easy-carry swivel loop. Available in three convenient sizes for food on the go. Pack a snack, bring your lunch, and store your leftovers, soup or meals, and keep contents hot or cold for hours of adventure or daily life.

Insulated TKCanister Complete Set


Insulated TKCanister 473ml 


Insulated TKCanister 946ml 


Insulated TKCanister 32 oz


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TKCanister Features

Easy Carry, Swivel Loop

Steel bale makes TK Canisters easy to carry, and lid locks into place with just a quarter turn.

New Larger 32 oz Size

High-performance, convenient 8 oz and 16 oz sizes plus new larger 32 oz Insulated TKCanister for on-the-go meals.

Climate Lock Insulation

Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps contents hot or cold for hours, so you can enjoy warm tasty soup even out in the backcountry.

TK Closure™ Internal Thread Design

We’ve replaced our external thread system with a revolutionary TK Closure™ internal thread design for optimal thermal performance.

Everyday Food Solutions: Family, Community and Sustainable Agriculture

Klean Food Solutions are inspired by stories of people who reimagine the role clean, healthy food plays in their lives. These products are quality food utensils and are made to last. They are food grade stainless steel and can be used both indoors and out.