Leatherman multi-tools: no man can go without.

Leatherman has become a classic and actually is the generic name for a multitool. The fans obviously only want to buy the real Leatherman tools. A Leatherman is the essential tool for the occasional DIYer. The most popular multitools are the Leatherman Wave, Leatherman Charge TTI, Leatherman MUT and the Leatherman Wingman.

There is a Leatherman multitool for every job. They are used both privately and professionally. You can buy Leatherman tools at attractive prices from Knivesandtools, with the best service and guarantee.

A Leatherman is a cool business relation gift. You can have your Leatherman engraved at knivesandtools.co.uk. We can customise anyone’s multitool with an engraving.

The story behind Leatherman
There is a nice story behind the Leatherman Tool Group company which explains that Leathermen are made for the users. Tim Leatherman is a true pioneer who was the first to make a Leatherman. The company was and remains established in Oregon. After Tim Leatherman finished his studies he travelled to Europe. He had a cheap Fiat and needed a tool that at least had pliers. It gave him the idea to develop and patent a multitool. That’s how the first Leatherman PST (pocket survival tool) was born, manufactured in a factory with 700 (local) employees.

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