Electronics. Audio. Entertainment. IT.

Where to start? The amount of connections and cables can be intimidatingly mind-boggling.

No need to worry, help is at hand at Alo Donegan & Sons.

What I really like about Alo’s is their knowledge, experience and expertise. Their calm, informed know-how.

But they’re not trying to bamboozle you with it or to upsell you. Rather they will support you into making an informed choice, a good decision, and the perfect purchase for you and your needs.

That’s the difference and that makes a big difference in a sphere like audio-visual technology and gadgetry which changes so rapidly.

When we said the A to Z we meant A to Z and while we went with aerials for our A, we could just as easily said adaptors. There are lots of them. So many different types. Alo has them.

There’s the complete selection of Manhattan connections and cables for all devices and applications including USB and micro-USB.

For phones too of course, HELLO! Is it me you’re looking for?

USB, BGA, HDMI, DVI-D, display port and all the variations and splitters.

Then you gotta get wired for sound and at Alo Donegan’s they’re seriously sound when it comes to that department. Headphones and speakers anyone? Take your pick.

Sony and JVC and Boompods, wired or Bluetooth, in-ear or on-ear headphones running from a tenner right up to €270 for the mind blowing state-of-the-art audio for the connoisseur. They have a particularly great selection of Boompods.

There’s a similarly impressive selection when it comes to speakers with variations on the theme including lanterns, speaker port and power bank styles with a variety of Motorolla models to choose from for €99.

As for radios. If you are looking for a radio you won’t come away from Alo’s without one, for yourself or whoever you are buying for. Once again you’re eye to eye with the best brands for audio – Sony, Philips, Panasonic – this stuff is built to last. Everything to choose from shirt-pocket Panasonics from €24 to portable FM radios, the classic kitchen radio sets, those Sony’s are super at €60 and you can pick up a Philips internet radio and tune in to the whole world for €150.

For radio heads this is just the beginning. There are also those neat and so handy clock-radios from Akai and Philips at €20 to €39.

The Groove multi-function wireless is a gem as it also works as your charger, light and Bluetooth speaker at €38 and radio, charger, clock model for €48.

And my own favourite those Akai retro style vintage portable radio sets come in five colour schemes – a great gift.

If you’re wired for sound, you gotta have great speakers and once again in this department Alo has you sorted.

There are the multi-media book shelf models from Edifier running at €80 to €170; the QTX party Bluetooth speaker and mic available at 75 bucks and the Toshiba Boom Box comes with 2 mics, LED and FM for €160.

Alo Donegan’s are always one step ahead on the innovation front, ahead of the curve and ahead of the posse with what’s new in the groove, but that doesn’t mean they throw the baby out with the bath water. There’s always a standing and fitting respect and regard for tradition. Old school.

And so there’s your ITEK record players so that you can get down with your vinyl. These are just class. A 5-in-one music system which plays out that authentic the way it was meant to be vibe off your vinyl but also gives you radio, CD, cassette and USB options. How is that even possible?

In the same vein, there’s a range of landline phone styles from €29 to €50; cordless handsets from Panasonic in single, twin, twin and treble options for €50, €70 and €89.

Never more in demand and never more needed are the Philips Philishave clippers and shaver sets ranging from €60 to €100. Now there’s an idea…

And speaking of light bulb moments Alo’s stocks an unrivalled selection of bulbs, batteries, plugs for equipment, torches, and household, LED, IT and all accessories, including watch batteries.

Same goes for all your TV accessories, remote controls, and free-to-air boxes for Saorview, satellite receivers, all aerials and sat dishes.

Every time, every week when I go back into Alo Donegan’s they have something new, so it’s hard to keep track of it all. But one thing that will help you keep track is the really clever range of Canyon smart watches, with 5 styles to select from €30 to €110 with built in GPS tracker. That’s clever.

Did I mention that they also cut keys at Alo Donegan’s? There’s just so much stuff, I can’t remember everything…yeah keys cut while you wait, a full range, the works.




Article by: John Whelan