For activity & outdoors equipment you need look no further than Alo Donegan’s

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Outdoor Gadgets Galore – Klean Canteen Insulated Food Canisters, Insulated Drinking Bottles, Swiss Army and Leatherman Knives, Led Lenser head torches are just a taste of what Donegans have to offer

If not before now we have certainly recently learned to love and appreciate the great outdoors. You can’t beat being out in nature, enjoying the myriad of healthy outdoor pursuits and activities which we can relish, cherish and enjoy.

And to savour and soak up that experience all the more and all the better it is important to have good, safe, reliable and quality equipment such as Led Lenser, Klean Canteen and the Swiss Army Knife to name but a few.

This is where Alo Donegan & Sons really come in to their own. A constantly updating and upgrading of the latest equipment for all and every outdoor lifestyle activities makes Alo’s a one-stop shop whether you are a veteran or a newcomer.

Hold on tight now as we take you on a virtual tour of what you have in store at Alo’s shelves when it comes to your activity and outdoor equipment requirements. (Everytime I call in I come away with yet another must-have tool, equipment, the latest in camping gear or something I had been looking for all along…)

Klean Canteen Range of Insulated Food And Drinking Bottles

The Klean Kanteen range is just rock star stuff when it comes to the thermal drinking containers. They are a funky flask for sure, fashionable multi-coloured range thermos suitable for either hot or cold drinks in a variety of convenient and practical sizes through from 355ml, to 800ml and right up to 1900ml. There are a variety of styles that suit different applications. While mostly for drinks they are handy too for soups and stews especially the Klean Canteen wide mouth TK Canisters. And now that the word is out the Klean Kanteen collection is not just the preside of the energetic-active outdoor types, but have also carved out a niche at the office and work stations. These are class.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, Leatherman and Buck Knives

Then there’s knives. I never realised there were so many options and they are all so useful and handy.

There is just a mind boggling selection of the Swiss Army knives. Where do you even start? You will have to take a look for yourself. They range in cost from €17 up to €115.

Then there is the Swiss Victorinox domestic kitchen knives. The colours, the range, the choice, again it’s great and you can add to your collection all the time as there is everything here from your family cutlery to filleting, carving, bread and pastry knives.

Established in the USA in 1902 are the famous Buck Knives which are masterfully crafted as are the French Opinel range with options here for gardening, the kitchen and the outdoors.


Swiss Army Knives

Camping Accessories

And as for camping well UST is a brand which has carved out a reputation for reliability over 80 years and anyone heading camping this year is well advised to check out their range at Alo’s, with items from €4 to €30.

One of my own personal favourites has to be Leatherman and their multi-tool. Another big selection here running anywhere from €47 to €250. Got a mid-range one myself and wouldn’t go anywhere without it in the van.

The same can be said for a torch. Don’t leave home without one and don’t leave your home without one. The Led Lenser LED torches are second to none and again the selection from key-ring size, to hand held, head-torch and the lantern models -they all have one thing in common – like all of the brands out of Alo Donegan’s, Led Lenser are reliable, sturdy and  long life.

The batteries aren’t included in the torch but you can also get them at Alo’s, all shapes and sizes to fit all your equipment, not just torches.

        Led Lenser