And finally, we’ve arrived at Z, the extensive range of Zippo products on Alo’s shelves.

Did you know that Zippo do so much more that lighters? The lighters are class, cool and iconic. There are over 60 styles and imprints to choose from and that distinctive flip-flame action not only works in all conditions every time, but hell they also really look the part!

I have a Zippo and I don’t even smoke…you’ve seen the movie… ‘Light me, baby’. Bogart maybe?

But just like Alo’s, there’s so much more to Zippo than you might at first realise. Did you know that Zippo also do a superb hip flask? Hand warmers? The latest electronic version is rechargeable and conveniently doubles as a power bank off a USB connection. Clever.

Then there’s those hip leather Zippo wallets in brown and black for €20 and €40 – they so go with the lighters, right?

And who ever said that Zippo was only all macho? Think again. There’s even the Zippo range of candles. Doesn’t that just warm your heart? They come in 3 fragrances bourbon & spice; whiskey & tobacco; and dark rum & oak. Interesting. But now that you mention it, Zippo do need to work a little on their feminine side…

Who would have ever thought that there would be so much on the legendary Z shelf at Alo Donegan’s?

Like I said: ‘A man walks in to a shop. If Alo hasn’t got what he wants, well then, he’s probably in the wrong shop.’


article: John Whelan