Celestron  telescopes and Landscout binoculars for  starters….

We said at the outset for all your activity and outdoor equipment you need look no further than Alo Donegan’s, but if you really want to look further then Alo is your man.

Celstron Telescopes, Landscout & Outland Binoculars

In fact this is your lucky day as Alo stocks a fantastic range of Celestron telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and spotting scopes. Have I missed anything? Not with that selection I haven’t!! The telescopes for children come in at a quality competitive price of €30. There is a big choice then in this category for night gazers from €90 up to €250 in Dorr and Celestron telescopes and binoculars, Including the Landscout and Outland models

You will just have to see for yourself, so to speak (sorry I just couldn’t resist that!!)

And for the glare on those sunny days ahead Alo’s has got that covered too with a selection of aviator and wayfarer styles in sunglasses from €20.

You can keep in touch, communicate and stay safe with their range of walkie-talkies. There’s the entry level Discovery for children for €50; the Motorolla sets for €99 with an impressive 5km range and the DeWalt2-Way-Radio for €200.

Now you’re starting to ask yourself, ‘is there anything Alo Donegan’s doesn’t have’?  The answer is probably not.

Like the hugely popular trail cameras by Dorr and Hama for instance, really useful with tripod options and running from €25 to €200.

Celestron Telescopes